PASE confirms quality of teaching

A positive opinion by PASE confirms the highest quality of teaching and is the proof that we have fulfilled all the requirements put on this organization members. It is a guarantee of professional and effective teaching.
During their thorough inspection independent inspectors – PASE experts observed lessons, talked to students, teachers, school administrative staff and checked:

  • teachers’ qualifications,
  • teaching quality,
  • methodological supervision,
  • professional management,
  • comfort of learning environment,
  • selection of teaching materials,
  • credibility of advertisement information.

PASE quality distinction is only awarded to these schools which meet the required high teaching standards and can prove it in the course of inspection.

At English Perfect we:

  • employ suitably qualified teachers with high language standards,
  • carry out teaching programmes based on the latest methodological recommendations,
  • systematically check how teaching is conducted through lesson observations made by our Director of Studies Monika Cichminska, Ph.D and school owners,
  • have a clearly defined system of language learning levels, which guarantees continuity of learning in all age groups, from the lowest to the highest level (Proficiency),
  • recruit candidates based on free diagnostic tests and interviews,
  • conduct internal tests and examinations checking how teaching material is learned,
  • regularly train our teachers during workshops, which assists their professional development,
  • our classes are based on the communicative approach, which assumes active use of foreign language regardless of the level; the main stress is put on developing speaking skills and understanding.