Katarzyna Grygiel-Bazyluk

lektor języka angielskiego

Katarzyna Grygiel-Bazyluk, born in 1978. In 2000 wrote her BA thesis on psycholinguistics at UWM. In 2002 graduated from UMK in Torun with MA on translation. Happily married with no kids yet. Devoted to her family and job, which she still finds amusing and challenging. In what little free time she has, likes to indulge herself with good literature and travelling. Loves dancing and having fun with a gang of her friends. As a teacher she tries to be creative and demanding but easy-going. As all Capricorns she is stubborn, if her aim is to teach you something, she’ll not give up. Dangerously energetic.

If you feel like having a nap in the lesson, don’t choose her classes!