Mark Leonard

lektor języka angielskiego

I specialize in exam preparation, pronunciation, and scientific writing. In the classroom, I believe that active practice through conversation, games, and discovery activities is the secret to developing English proficiency. Oh, and it should be fun!

Learning proper pronunciation is like learning tennis or dancing: your muscles have to learn some new movements. That’s why I teach students what English feels like when you pronounce it properly, and the little changes in the position of their lips, tongue and jaw that make a big difference in the sound of their English.

Scientific writing should be precise and clear. Unfortunately, unless you look at the best journals like Nature, Science, Cell, and British Medical Journal (or other journals with an Impact Factor over 10), it can be hard to find examples of good scientific writing from native-speakers who have been trained in scientific communication. That’s why I use only the best examples to guide my students—and they are surprised and pleased at the results!