Summer courses

Feel like spending your summer holidays actively and meeting new people? Would you like to overcome the language barrier, fast-track your progress or prepare for an exam? Try our summer holiday courses. Now for less than 50% of the regular price!

Intensive courses (60 classes, 45 min each)

Our intensive courses have an average worload of 15 classes a week and they last for a month. We meet four times a week, usually from Monday to Thursday, and have 3-4 classes a day. Due to such a high intensity, the amount of material acquired during this course can be equivalent to that learned during a whole semester on a regular course. Intensive courses are ideal for those who want to learn a foreign language as fast as possible.

Non-intensive courses (60 classes, 45 min each)

They cover the same material as the intensive courses but the workload is not so extreme. There are two sessions a week, with 3 classes in each session. The non-intensive courses last for two months – July and August.

Conversation courses (30 classes, 45 min each)

Conversation courses focus on developing speaking abilities, overcoming the language barrier and expanding the vocabulary. Unlike in two previous types of courses, there is no coursebook in conversation classes – the teachers prepare their own materials to use in the classroom. There is little explicit grammar, the lessons consist in discussing articles, acting out role-plays about daily life, having conversations in pairs, doing quizzes and playing language games. English conversation classes are usually taught by native speakers.


All our summer courses are held at 36, Warszawska Street.


There are morning classes, which usually start at 9-10 a.m., and the evening ones, starting at 4-5 p.m. The timetable is quite flexible as we always try to accomodate it to the requests of course participants.

Need more information?

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